Leo No 2 making her way downstream on the Thames at London Bridge - 11-September-2011
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The family - Nelson NZ 2003

I was born in the South Island of New Zealand in the 1950s and had an idylic childhood. What could be better than being brought up in 1950s and 60s South Island New Zealand ?

We had a cottage in the Marlborough Sounds - I fully support the beliefs of the The Guardians of the Sounds - please do take some time to look at their website.

My parents (father died on 14-June-1994 aged 87 and my Mum died on 18-December-2010 aged 96½) were from Europe with mother from the north-west coast of Ireland and father from Somerset.

I have a sister, Sue, who still lives in New Zealand who kept an eye on my Mum so well.

The family - Nelson NZ 2003

My sister has three children; Virgina, Richard and Michael. Virginia has two children; Shirvananth and Jack and married Hugh Stark on 6-January-2007 (but sadly now living apart), Richard is married to Sarah from Timaru (and now both living in Christchurch and teachng at my sister's old primary school) and Michael is happily married to Kerry; they have two daughters and have just bought their first house.

My Mum lived in a retirement village (Oakwoods) in Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand which I believe suited her needs well. She was the longest serving inhabitant at the time of her death.

And me ? I used to live in rural Surrey alongside the Basingstoke Canal (often described as the most beautiful canal in the United Kingdom) in Brookwood. The day job was working for British Airways (just over 33 years - and now happily retired) on the business side of IT looking after BA's operational and HR data.

I now live in Stoke Bruerne in Northamptonshire alongside the Grand Union Canal. I have set up a blog which I hope will describe my time in Stoke Bruerne.

Latest News:

Tidal Thames Cruising

My friends Richard and Sue and I have set up a portal type website to link all the tidal Thames Cruising information together. Please try it here.

Basingstoke Canal, Brookwood, June 2005

Broken Hip - the gory details >>

Broken Hip >>

March 2007 >>

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Lancaster Bomber (if you have Google Earth) >>

Lancaster - City of Lincoln.

Video of Boeing undertaking crosswind landings in Brazil >>

Crosswind Landings (Windows - WMV)

Crosswind Landings (Mac - MP4)

Video of 27 years of Concorde >>

Concorde (Mac - MP4)

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On Vrijheid to The Swale

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On Leo No 2 to the Thames

September-2011 - Leo No2 On the tideway >>

Leo No 2 on the tideway

January-2012 - Leo No2 Blog >>

Leo No 2 Blog

July-2012 - Leo No2 Repaint >>

Leo No 2 Repaint

November-2012 - Tidal Thames Cruising Guide >>

Tidal Cruising

November-2012 - Stoke Bruerne - my new house >>

Stoke Bruerne - new house



Broken Hip - 6-Nov-15

Broken Hip 6-Nov-15


QDJ Practice

The Lotus Temple at sunset - November 2005


'Athai' - Sheets Heath Bridge - April 2004

Inland Waterways

The 'finished' conservatory - January 2005

My Conservatory

Alice and Florence asleep (again)

My two cats

The shed comes down

My new deck

Dutch Barges

Dutch Barges

The Swale

The Swale 2006

Guardians of the Sounds

The Marlborough Sounds


Cooking Very Simple things

Thames Barging

Chiswick to Barking by river

The Kaikoura Coast

New Zealand

BSL142 - Brighton May 2004


Leo No2

Leo No2 repaint

Heather Bell

Heather Bell

Stoke Bruerne

Stoke Bruerne

Thames Narrowboating


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