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This is just a list of links to either other pages on my site or to external websites. I make no guarantee on behalf of any of the traders - all I would say that if they hadn't served me well they would not be here !

Short Video of my replica Sahara running (Mac - MP4)
Tell me more about the Sahara
All about Raid 96 in Australia
Kevin Lee's engaging account of taking part in Raid 96 in Australia
Home Page
The 2CVGB Website
All about Dune de Pyla in April 2001 Dune de Pyla in April 2001
Changing the Sahara Clutches
Alan Brown's account of reclimbing the Dune de Pyla - April 2001

2CV Specialists who may help if you have one of these wonderful cars
Steve Hill
Louis Barbour's 2CV 4x4 information
Matts Soft Tops - new roofs for 2CVs
Roy Eastwood - 2CV spares
2CV Club Italia - Vinadio World Meeting of 2CV Friends 2003
A nice small piece of video about the history of the 2CV (tongue in cheek).

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