- Alice and Florence greeting each other in the morning sun - 

I have had a love affair with cats for many years. The first two I had were Tom Bombadillo - always known as 'Tom Bom' - and Lucy (who were both unfortunately killed by cars). I then acquired Elizabeth - a completely white but hearing (most white cats are congentially deaf) cat. Lizzy had to be put down in March 2002 at the grand age of 20. Two days later Florence and Alice (two almost pure Burmese cats) arrived and delight me every day with their antics. Florence is a Chocotlate Torti Burmese and Alice is a Red burmese. I believe they share the same father having been born one week apart. Florence is the elder but Alice (I understand because of her colour) is slightly more dominant than Florence. Unfortunately I have no photographs of 'Tom Bom' and Lucy.


Lizzy sound asleep towards the end of her life. Florence and Alice hiding under a chair on their first night with me Alice and Florence checking out the BA web site Alice in the washing machine !
Alice and Florence relaxing in the old conservatory I don't know if Florence is more interested in the camera or I am more interested in taking a photo Alice taking a break from the eternal task of cleaning herself Florence and Alice about to sleep of their excess on their special bunk
Florence sitting in the morning sun watching for mice in the compost heap Alice joins her and has the decency to greet her before helping with the demolition of the mouse population ! Alice taking the morning sun Alice taking the morning sun
Whilst Florence prefers to take the sun sitting with eyes closed Alice and Florence trying to cool off - 19-June-2005 33 - degrees Centigrade. How does a girl cool off in the evening - Alice seems to have one answer. Alice trying to cool off again in the shade of some Monbretia.
Florence sleeping off the excesses of a Saturday night Alice and Florence cuddled up on the roof of my 2CV Sahara Alice seems to have a preference for Florence's bottom - there's no accounting for taste ! Florence checking out what's left in the Le Creuset pot after I made a stew.
Florence taking the afternoon autumn sunshine - October 2005 Florence and Alice greeting each other autumn sunshine - November 2005 Alice clearly has her eys on something behind the camera ! - November 2005 A close up of Alice with my new Nikon camera. Click on the picture for a full size view.
And one of Florence - just to be fair to both Florence again - do click on the image to see the large version - you can see the blood vessels in her eyes !

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