- The new deck viewed from my friend, Peter's, boat 11-April-2005 - 

Once the conservatory was well underway my friend Edite Hill suggested putting decking around the conservatory. I didn't need much convincing on this and on 29th March Quality Timber Decking started work on the clearing the site. So far I have been as impressed with their standards as I was unimpressed by the standards of the conservatory company. I will update this page with progress as things move along.

I need to relate a little story here about the carpenters Karl and Lou (I think that's the correct spelling - but if it is not I am sure they will let me know !) On Friday morning I left a note for them to point out (quite nicely I thought) that the step they had left for me up to the front door was a little high (and could become difficult to climb as I aged). They kindly responded with a text message to say that they agreed and that they would spend some of the day making me a pair of stilts in order to make climbing the stair easier ! I will get my own back at some stage when they are least expecting it !


The old Garden shed bites the dust - 29-March-2005 The old Garden shed bites the dust - 29-March-2005 The old Garden shed bites the dust - 29-March-2005 It's amazing how much extra space is seemingly created by the removal of the shed
The shed and some trees reduced to a pile of rubble So much tidier than the previous contractors The first delivery of the decking timber Struggling with a concrete post - the post lost eventually
The 'structure' of the deck is taking place - only day 2 ! A view of how the decking is attached to the conservatory One of the new fence posts is in already ! There seems to be wood everywhere
Not quite as much dramatic progress as yesterday but still progress A view from down by the canal showing quite an overhang - but it holds my weight ! It is going to be great when it is finished (Friday) - There's a lot more structure up now
A lovely evening view from across the canal Another evening view Where the shed used to be with the new post and rail fence Looking across the new deck towards Peter's narrow boat
Alice, my red Burmese, seems to have discovered something early on the Saturday morning Whilst Florence, my chocolate torti Burmese, seems happy in the safety of the conservatory Monday - All nicely finished off at the front but no sign of the stilts ! Florence about to check out the robustness of the octagon

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