- Delhi - the Lotus Temple at sunset - 

India November 2005

I was lucky enough to visit India again in November 2005. I started off with a day in Mumbai (Bombay) and then 2 days in Pune just to the south of Mumbai. On the Tuesday I flew to Delhi to spend a week with colleagues who work for NIIT Technologies Ltd (formerly known as the National Institue for Information Technology) and colleagues who had arrived from Newcastle. At the weekend we went to the hill station of Kasauli which was quite beautiful and nicely cooler than the Delhi area

One of the main reasons for going to Delhi was to dedicate a meeting room to the memory of a friend of mine - Harry Smith. Harry did so much for the relationship between British Airways and NIIT and it was seen as a fitting tribute and memorial to Harry to name a meeting room in memory of him. NIIT made the ceremony very moving with flowers, a Hindu tradition of good luck, in the appropriate shade of red for Harry's love of Liverpool Football Club.

A typical Indian lorry Security is tight but surprising unobtrusive The opulance of my hotel in Mumbai The lotus temple from Google Earth
A typical Indian lorry - the brighter and the more ornaments and bits and pieces attached the better it seems. Following the bombings in Delhi in November 2005 security is noticably tighter but surprisingly unobtrusive and very friendly. The hotel was very opulent but within 100 metres there is a slum with open sewers The Lotus Temple in Delhi from Google Earth (and from miles up !)
The Lotus Temple in Delhi at sunset The full moon rising over the Lotus Temple - Taken from the Intercontinental Hotel A typical site in rural India A fully laden bullock cart
The Lotus Temple in Delhi at sunset - a beautiful building for all religions and faiths (and non-believers) best at sunset but watch the mosquitos ! The moon rising over the Lotus Temple in Delhi - quite an awe inspiring view experience (better use of the word awe than the Americans can think of) - taken from the Intercontinental Hotel A typical site in rural India - cars, lorries, bikes, motorcycles, bullock carts all vie for their space on India's roads The contrasts of India I find really interesting - this bullock cart was sharing the highway with all manner of other vehicles
A typically overload lorry A very distinguished Sikh gentleman Taking care of the horse's welfare A typical 'village' scene
There's always a 'need' to carry as much as possible - sometimes with dire results ! This man was walking from somewhere to somewhere else in the middle of the countryside and was quite charming Taking care of the horse's welfare - I was surprised how well treated Indian animals are A typical 'village' scene although I think the Coca Cola unbrella may have seen better days.
Crossing the state line Climbing into the Himalayan foothills The changing countryside as the road climbs Christ Church - Kasauli
Crossing the state line from Haryana into the Himalayan foothills and Himachal Pradesh - a delightful state As soon as you cross the state line the road starts to climb into the Himalayan foothills It is amazing how quickly the scenery changes as the road climbs into the Himalayan foothills The charming Church of Christ Church, Kasauli in the Diocese of Amritsar - could be an English scene !
Norma and Pankaj Richard, Norma, Pankaj and Alok Norma in the looking glass Wedding in Delhi
Norma, Harry's widow and Pankaj Mehta of NIIT just after opening Harry's room Colleagues of Harry, Richard, Pankaj and Alok with Norma Norma taking advatage of the excellent merchandise in the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Emporium in central Delhi November is 'the wedding season' in Delhi - this was a view late (23:30) at night taken from my hotel room and the groom had not arrived !

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