- Leo No 2 approaching Tower Bridge from the upper pool - 

As a member of Byfleet Boat Club I joined a number of other narrow boaters in very late April 2009 to take my narrowboat Leo No 2 from its mooring at Brookwood down the Basingstoke Canal to the River Wey navigation and then on to the Thames at Weybridge, down to Teddington and on to the tidal Thames. From there we boated downstream to Thames Lock (the junction with the Grand Union Canal) up the Hanwell flight of locks to Bulls Bridge, along the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union to Little Venice to Canalway Cavalcade (organised by the Inland Waterways Association - IWA). We spent a weekend at Little Venice and then travelled on down the Regents canal into East London at Limehouse Marina. We overnighted at Limehouse Marina and then 'locked out' into the tidal Thames just above Canary Wharf and just below Tower Bridge. We then made our way up through the lower and upper 'pools' all the way back to Teddington and finally onto the Wey navigation and back to Byfleet. Engines were on for 9.5 hours on that day ! 40 hours boating on 40 litres of diesel which can't be too bad but the additional licences were eyewatering

Wey Navigation 88 pounds for two weeks
Environment agency 72 pounds for two days transit (37 down and 35 back !)
British Waterways 38.40 pounds for five days


Aqua Vitae heading down the Thames above Molsey lock Leo No 2 heading towards Richmond Star and Garter home with NB Barley Twist Leo No 2 waiting for Thames Lock
Aqua Vitae heading down towards Molsey Lock on the non-tidal Thames. Click here for Aqua Vitae Information A view from the counter of Leo No 2 as we head down river below Teddington lock in the early morning Another view of the Star and Garter home with Barley Twist in the foreground Leo No 2 Waiting for Thames Lock to go off the Thames and start up the Grand Union canal on the Hanwell flight of locks
Bulls bridge Little Venice Byfleet Boat Club A working pair
Bulls Bridge junction. Straight ahead here and you head north; turn under the bridge, as we did and you'll go to Little Venice A very relaxing and pleasnt scene for the IWA Canalway Cavalcade at Little Venice in the heart of London Members of Byfleet Boat Club enjoying the atmosphere of Little Venice A working pair being 'de coupled' in the Paddington arm
Maida Tunnel Limehouse lock Limehouse basin Tower Bridge
Leaving the end of Maida tunnel on the Regents Canal The outer lock gates of Limehouse Marina look quite imtimidating when viewed from the Thames side The calm before the storm with (L to R) Hazell Nut, Orion's Wey and Leo No 2 waiting in Limehouse Basin Approaching Tower Bridge from the upper pool
Richmond Bridge Heading Home - above Teddington Willowtree marina Short finals !
Richmond 'half tide' bridge Leo No 2 on the non-tidal Thames heading home All nicely lined up in Willowtree marina On 'short finals' for the Thames

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