- Saharas at the top of the Dune de Pyla - 

Kathryn and BSL142 with Marc Boulanger's Sahara The four twin-engined cars lined up Steve Hill's twin-engined AK400 The easy way down - French style
Very bored on the Autoroute heading towards Bordeaux Even more bored at 110 K/MH Steve's AK400 and tent (and it was wet) Steve and Peter Wibmer discussing tactics
Getting ready to go Hugo's car looking for attention BSL142 Anxiously waiting to climb the first hill
Just about to let the clutches out Hugo Gold entering the dune A view over BSL142's bonnet towards the dune Three genuine Saharas togther
About to thank someone for a great day And finally saying thank you This gives some idea of the vastness of the Dune De Pyla Sand,Sand and even more sand
Discussing something with Peter Wibmer Widening the discussion even more Helping Marc Boulanger get started Contemplating the dune
All the Saharas BSL142 after the climb Marc Boulanger (Pierre's Great Nephew) with son Maxime and his Sahara A 'French Inspection' of BSL142

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