- 40th anniversary of Pyla dune ascent by 2CV Sahara 4X4 - 


Background: In late 2000 we realised that 2001 would be the 40th anniversary of Citroen's proving of their, to become famous, twin-engined Citroen 2CV Sahara. It took quite some time to be granted permission and when it came it was permission to park on the top of the Dune. We didn't have access to a helicopter so we decided that the only way to park on the top was to drive there ! We came from all over Europe, my friend Steve and I from the UK, Peter Wibmer and his son Thomas from Austria together with Hugo Gold and Uli Wenko from Vienna. Marc Boulanger (the grand-nephew of the designer of the 2CV - Pierre Boulanger)and a number of friends came 10 km up the road to join us ! Click anywhere in this text to read Alan Brown's account of the weekend on Dune de Pyla !

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