- At an 'Air' in northern France on the way home from Vinadio 2003 - 


The 2CV Sahara (renamed the 2CV 4x4 after the fall of Algeria) was Citroen's attempt to provide a light-weight four wheel drive vehcile for the north African market and for oil prospecting in that area.

It was well like by the Spanish Police (Guardia Civil) and Swiss doctors. For detailed information on Saharas you can do no better than visit my friend's (Dr Peter Wibmer) website.

My car was rebuilt especially for Raid 96 in Australia and has two 652cc Visa engines of 37hp each which contrasts strongly with the original specification of 2 425cc (12hp) engines.

Please click here of on the small Sahara picture (above) for some pictures of BSL142.

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