- A modern, lightly laden, barge underneath the railway bridge at Arques - 

My friend Sue and I went to the French National 2CV Meeting in early May 2005 and on the way spent some time in Arques. There, on the River Aa is a very interesting boat lift (known in French as 'L'Ascenseur des Fontinettes' which was modelled on the Anderton Boat Lift. We found Arques very interesting - the Arques Crystal factory and shop is certainly worth a visit.


The 'new' lock at Arques which replaced the boat lift and the previous seven locks. Another view of the new lock at Arques What was the approach to the boat lift at Arques The approach to the boat lift from below - note one side is up and the other down
A view from the top of the lift, looking east, towards St Omer A large modern barge Ra approaching the lock just below Arques And heading off up the River Aa followed closely by a smaller barge Mexicana Barge Laury also on its way up the River Aa with sand for the Arques Crystal factory together with his car !

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