- The family - Richmond, Nelson, NZ 2003 - 

This is just some photographs of my family so may not be of too much interest to non-family viewers. Left to righ Michael, Sue (my sister) holding Aleshia, Virgina, mother (we call her 'the Matriarch' now), Kelly, Richard (eyes closed as always) with Shirvananth and Jack in the front.

Mother kindly put down on tape (now converted to PC MP4 format) her knwledge of Father's life and then her own some 2 years or so after Dad's death. If you are interested they are below.

1 Mother talking about Dad
2 Mother talking about her life
3 Mother talking about her life
4 Mother talking about her life
5 Mother talking about her life
6 Mother talking about her life
7 Mother talking about her life


My niece Virginia Richard and the boys playing a computer game Generations apart - I hope mother lives long enough for Aleshia to know and remember her Mother and friend Muriel enjoying the sun at Rabbit Island
Nephew Richard showing his grandmother how to use an Apple Mac ! Another grandma showing one small boy how to feed a baby ! Aleshia being passed from hand to hand Proud mother Kelly holding her daughter
If you wait there will be nothing left in this house ! My friend Jack Another friend of mine - Shirvananth A view of the retirement village where my mum lives
Nelson from space - you can get really good images like this from the Space Imaging Website

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